Ab in die Flitterwochen

Das Gute am Heiraten ist, dass man danach Flitterwochen hat :-) So hieβ es auch für uns: Koffer packen, Kitebag packen und ab an den Flughafen. Auf geht’s nach Mauritius. Dort sollten wir uns zwei Wochen im Hotel direkt am Kitespot  verwöhnen lassen. Von unserem Zimmer hatten wir es keine 30 Meter zum Kitespot, juhe.


Mauritius ist ein hammer Spot. Eine riesige Lagune mit halbwegs Flachwasser (wenn auch etwas seicht bei Ebbe), kleine Wellen, groβe Wellen, riesengroβe Wellen. Dazu jeden Tag Wind. Vom überpowerten 7er zum Leichtwindkiten mit dem 12er war alles dabei. Wir hatten etwas unterschätzt, dass das Wetter im dortigen Winter der Südhalbkugel nicht ganz so gut sein würde, wie die Postkartenidylle verspricht. Wir hatten öfters Regen und es war auch bewölkt. Aber bei den tollen Wellen verzeiht man das der Insel gerne.


Ich bin ja noch am üben mit den Wellen, aber es hat mega Spaβ gemacht die Wellengröβe bei jeder Session etwas zu steigern. Die Manawa-Welle ist super toll zu üben. Das Riff liegt weit genug unter Wasser und die Wellen kommen weit auseinander, so dass man wenn man mal gespült wird, nicht gleich in Schwierigkeiten kommt. Ich hab zwar immer noch etwas Probleme mit dem Timing, aber es klappt schon ganz gut. Leider gibt’s davon keine Fotos. Ein super Erlebnis waren auch die Riesenschildkröten, die an einem beim Kiten einfach vorbeischwimmen.

Auch landschaftlich und kulturell hat die Insel einiges zu bieten. Sei es das Spazieren durch den Nationalpark, das Besuchen des Shiva-Tempels, Tee probieren auf einer Teeplantage bei traumhaftem Blick über die ganze Insel (zumindest so lange es nicht regnet) oder das Schlendern über den Trubel eines Marktes.


Uns hat es toll gefallen. Flitterwochen mit jedem Tag Wind und dreimal täglich lecker  essen:-)  Bis bald einmal, du schöne Insel!

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Back to Snow: European Snowkite Championship was a blast

In case you were surprised about the new name in the upper left corner: Yes, Sander proposed back in Greece and we got married in December. :-) ♥. Super happy & excited.

What did I want to write about? Oh yes, the Int. Snowkite Open, the European Snowkite Championship took place at Lake Reschen last weekend. After I couldn’t participate in last year’s Int. Snowkite Championship due to work I was super stoked to attend this year’s event. I had a beautiful view from my hotel room on the event area and it was exciting to watch the contest playground wake up every morning.


Friday was a beautiful day with terrific sunshine. First we started with Long Distance Race. It was planned as a 80 kilometer ride but with the warm temperatures the week before the event in the middle of the lake the ice was not thick enough to hold us. Therefore we were restricted to the upper corner of the lake. We got one hour and the challenge was to get as many kilometers on our backs in a three boy course as possible. I wasn’t much trained as I have only been snowkiting three times this year. However, I tried to ignore my hurting thighs and was still able to beat my opponent and got crowned European Champion in Long Distance Race.


On Saturday Race and Freestyle took place. I competed in both disciplines. In the morning we did four races which I all won. Yeah :-) I was on the smallest kite in the race (12 sqm Ozone Enduro), however, managed to get through and was very surprised with the good light-wind performance of my kite.

In the afternoon we competed in the Freestyle division. After some organizational trouble of who is in which group (they first wanted to mix skiers with snowboarders…) we got our elimination. As I was the only girl competing I had to compete with the guys. I was super scared of the conditions as it was only a centimeter of snow on the ice. Shortly before my heat I had to take in a big crash while training so I entered the competition with a hell of respect for the ice and did not ride very well. My first heat was against my Swiss friend Andrea Ammann who I am always super stoked to meet and I was so impress to see his progression. Well, I spare you the details, of course he won 😉 As I didn’t take the competition too serious this didn’t really matter a lot and it was nevertheless super exciting to watch the guy perform their tricks like the surface was as soft as powder.


On Sunday every single bone in my body hurt. Nevertheless the judges called on four more races. I don’t know how but somehow I managed to win the first race of the day. After that I couldn’t do it anymore. As I was racing quite solid I was save from defeat even by skipping out on the next two races. I wanted to get back to racing on the fourth race but the judges called it of due to the emerging bad weather. Well, not such a downer for me especially not with the second European Title in my pocket in the discipline Race 😉

It had a really good time at the Int. Snowkite Open. It was great to see many old and new faces from all over Europe and I had a really amazing and chilled-out time. Thanks to all the organizers, sponsors, judges, and to Resia for having us.


Pictures by mTwo Photo+Film and Raik Richter



  • European Champion Long Distance Race
  • European Champion Race
  • Winner of the Swiss Snowkite Tour
  • Best Girl Freestyle Snowboard (what a surprise being the only one who is stupid enough to enter with such scary-icy conditions)

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3 and a half weeks full of Greece

Greece first timer. After my man and I heard so much about magical Limnos, an Aegean Island pretty much in the Northeast of Greece, we had to check it out and its promised perfect flatwater conditions. So this year no Denmark for me but instead beautiful and warm sunsets and kitesurfing only in a bikini and a lycra for sun protection. No freezing involved :-)

It took us three days to get there: One over-night ferry from Italy to Igoumenitsa and then after driving the whole distance from the West to the East coast of Greece another ferry that would take us from Kavala to the promised land.

In Keros beach, our home for the next weeks, we parked our car about 10 meters from the waterline. We didn’t move it much more after that. Everything you really need is in bike-distance. Sun, sun, sun. Having a swim before the breakfast. And good crowds. I really, really like the place although it was way more gusty than expected. The spot is a bay and we kited in the upper arch where the wind is cross-offshore and the water flat. The more down you go, the more choppy the water gets. The wind gets a little more cleaner there but there are also the kite schools so we stayed up in the flat. In the Southern end of the lagoon you will find a small wave if the wind is strong enough.

With strong winds we made a trip to Gomati, a wave spot where we had waves about 2-3 meters. I am still not very experienced in waves but it is so much fun and I get better and better each time. But I still rather stayed in the smaller waves…

Limnos is still very rural and not very touristy what was really refreshing. Food and wine is excellent and very inexpensive. I felt very safe and we experienced almost no signs of the crisis… So no problem driving there with a German license plate.

One our way back to Igoumenitsa we made a stop near Lefkada we made a stop at a smelly, but very flat spot. Definitely worth coming back….2015-08-09 16.39.33

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Cold trip to North Germany

The last week of May I was on vacation and we decided to spent it up in North Germany. We took a relaxed trip with many stops on the way up. So the first stop was the cable in Thulba for the Good Boards test tour. It is always cool to check out new cables and obstacles. The weather was really good and we had a lot of fun.

2015-05-23 21.09.33  2015-05-25 09.28.47 2015-05-25 10.52.17

The next stop was Hamburg, to be more exact the Reeperbahn where we camped with our Bulli van in a friend’s courtyard. We spent two days exploring the big city and meeting friends before we left for the next cable in Nordersted. It was really cold but I liked the short ropes on the cable for practicing inverts. :-)









Then finally – Fehmarn! Two days we were riding in Gold and then in Orth. The wind direction wasn’t perfect so it was rather gusty and still freezing cold. But kiting is always fun especially when you meet so many great  people! We even made a bike tour to the light tower and around the island.

2015-05-25 21.08.51

2015-05-25 21.08.42













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Hello to spring, hello back to kiting

Spring is back and I love it. After the winter kite session hardly existed at Lake Constance this past season, I am super happy to be back on the water again ☺

The Easter holidays I spent in Leucate, France with some friends. It was great escaping the rain back home and visit sunny France again. We had super strong and gusty Tramontana winds but a lot of sun ☺ A horrible accident brought back attention to me, how important it is to stay save will kiting. So always check your material and especially take care while landing and launching!

After Leucate I spent a week in El Gouna at the Moevenpick kite station enjoying the merits of staying in a five-star hotel while kitesurfing. When we arrived it was surprisingly cold but during the week, temperatures increased again. It was awesome having a week in warm temperatures to get back on the board. We also hit the new El Gouna cable but my arms we sooooo tired from kiting, I couldn’t do much.

So I had some time to try out the new C4s kites and I really like them. You still have to fly them very clean but the response is direct and the release is really good. This helps me a lot working on new tricks. I haven’t tied too many kiteloops yet but my boyfriend keeps on stealing my kite in heavy winds so I suppose they are still good in the kiteloop department. The relaunch in very light winds is difficult, but with some practice it’s alright.

Have fun and enjoy life!


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uptrend – Motorsport magazine appearence

Hi everyone,

it’s been a while I know. I have been super busy with my new job, renovating my apartment and healing of all the minor injuries I suffered this season. The wind conditions around here have been super bad and I haven’t been kitesurfing or snowkiting much the past months. But in one week I am off to the Canary Islands to visit my brother who studies there. Super excited :-)

The motorsports magazine uptrend contacted me for some intel on snowkiting… Here is the article…


10_uptrend1404_WinterabenteuerAlso check out the webseite for the Ozone Snowkite Masters 2015. I will compete there again this year.  http://www.ozonesnowkitemasters.com/2015/


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Kite up north and wake down south

This summer vacation, my boyfriend and I spent in Denmark again. The first day after arrival of a 14-hours drive we started off in Kegnaes, where we had a good session in flat waters. The next day the wind died so we drove the rest of the way to Hvide Sande at the Ringkobing Fjord. We checked out the wake park and I had a lot of fun with the narrow obstacles. On the third day there was again no wind, but a little wave, so we rented a surfboard and I practiced surfing. It was a lot of fun I didn’t do very good. At the end of the session I got the leash wrapped around my right ring finger. A wave caught me, the leash pulled and I got my finger stuck in between. I broke the joint and the rest of the vacation I was stuck with a brace. Bummer :-(






 Lake Como and Lake Silvaplana didn’t charge this summer, really strange. So I got really into wakeboarding lately. The last weekend we spent at the Thannhausen Turncable. After gaining some confidence at a 2.0. System, I was ready to practise inverts at the cable the next day. My snowkiteboard sponsor good boards held a testival and I tried out their wakeboard range. I totally fell in love with the Fortuna board. Super fun :-) It was the first time I got to meet the founder Josef and his partner Maik and we had a good time :-) I hope for some autumn storms now as I haven’t been kitesurfing a lot lately.

Have a good time!


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Spring kiting trips: low winds, high winds, no wind, and a lot of good weather

Quite a lot has happend since my last update. I finally started working full-time. :-) I am with a small company now based directly at Lake Constance. I am responsible for marketing at a journal about products and culture, called Produktkulturmagazin. I love the work, the team is great and I can take my bike to work.

But well, let’s talk about kitesurfing. At Easter, I spent two weeks on Sardinia. We started in the South at Punta Trettu but only had two days with wind and some additional light wind kitesurfing with my 15 sqm Edge and a waveboard. I finally got to practise foot changes. :-) This helped me a lot and when I got home I could also do it on a raceboard, yeah (still not totally convinced about racing but its okay fun in light winds). Punta Trettu is a very cool spot with shallow water and good infrastructure at the local kiteschool. When the wind died, we tried Porto Pino, hoping for some more thermal winds but didn’t get lucky. But still the beach was beautiful and we relaxed on the beach and I even went for a swim. As the forecast wasn’t better for the next days, we headed up North to Alghero, where we have already been two years ago. We got an hour or two with the 12 sqms but then the wind dropped again. The next day there was only a little bit of 15 sqm action and more relaxing left to do. In Valledoria on the next day we also had hardly any wind. :-(

P1030794Finally, Porto Pollo was our last stop. We had wind  but it was gusty and super choppy. But well, at least we finally hit some wind :-) Then we had to say bye, bye, Sardinia again. This time we didn’t get much wind, but the island is beautiful and I had a pretty relaxed time.

A couple of weeks later we went to Lake Como, Italy. The drive there was fun, there is still so much snow in the Alps. We even saw a snowkiter. Brrrr, I am totally in spring mood…. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much wind. The forecast looked good, but somehow the thermal wind system didn’t work. The locals said that there is still too much snow in the mountains for it to work. Who knows…

P1040006Well and then there was Leucate, France. Good food, good wine, good people. And as usual a lot of sun and a lot of wind. Unfortunalety, I stepped into a piece of glass and had a 3cm deep cut in my foot. Luckily I didn’t hurt anything serious. Anyhow, enjoy the pictures.


Bye, unti l next time


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Surfsprotte of the months

The German surf girl online magazine Surfsprotte made an interview with me about snowkiting last months. This month I bacame Surfsprotte of the months with an interview about my life, my passion and my trip through Europe and Marocco. :-)

Interview Sprotte des Monats

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OzoneSnowkiteMasters 2014

Finally here it is: my report from the OzoneSnowkiteMasters. My kite sponsor threw this amazing snowkite event so it was no question for me to take part and explore the Swiss Bernina pass. So from February 27th to March 2nd I participated and met a lot of people from Ozone. The Engadin was packed with snow and the hospice was half snowed-in. Pretty winter wonderland :-)

At the first day of the OzoneSnowkiteMasters the wind was blowing from the South and the event was transferred to the Lake Silvaplana. There we joined forces with the Swiss Kitesurf Association and hold the races together. Almost 50 participants battled for the victory.  Wind between 10-14 knots, sun, enough snow and even some fresh snowfall brought a smile on the faces to all the contestants. Five races were held before the contestants were released for hot wine punch and beer.

1. Wobker, Inga (GER)
2. Parma, Eliska (AUS)
3. Huber, Karin (SUI)

At the second day the event was started at the Bernina spot. In the morning it was sunny but with the wind picking up visibility quickly declined. The Best Line contest could therefore not be started yet as it was not possible to see far enough. But the conditions were fine for freeriding so there was plenty of kite testing and attempts to get the fastest speed for the KiteTracker speed contest. I got up to 53 km/h. When the wind got too strong the event tents had to be put down and the more comfortable part of the day was started. The participants of the OSKM headed back to the hospice and relaxed before the riders’ dinner and another night of partying. On Saturday night the winners were awarded and I got a super nice goblet.  After that the award party rocked the hospice:-)

OSKM_149Sunday morning we all had an early start as the conditions were perfect with Northerly winds sun and 30 cm of fresh snow. My team mate Flo Gruber and I had a nice session and took some pictures.

I was als doing some press work and was interviewed about the event (in German, click to enlarge):


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